„N°1 means for us pure design. A high-tech product in a sensuous form. Beautiful, full of spirits, uncompromising. The N°1 has great proportions. The design is profound and sensuous: A goddess in black.“

Oliver Scherer (Design-Team Corcel)


Magic in Carbon

N° 1 is a top product from Corcel. This exclusive and outstanding bathtub differs from all others on the market in its shape, visual appearance, and first and foremost ist material – carbon. A high design free-standing tub with distinctive character offering generous interior space for comfortable bathing pleasure.

N° 1 is produced from selected prepreg carbon fabrics. After curing in an autoclave, it is given a last polish in the meticulous hands of our craftsmen. Through high-grade processing of the material this design peace gains an amazing colour depth effect. The bathtub is finished with a surface coating that otherwise is found only in the high-end sector of luxury cars. This special finish repels water, like a lotus flower. A complex insulation technology provides N° 1 its unique heat retention and sound insulation properties.

Corcel N°1 Video

Facts - N°1 Carbon

  • A strictly limited edition with 51 units
  • Carbon fabrics
  • Weight: 36kg / 79,4 pounds  
  • Length: 243cm / 95,6 inches
  • Width: 123cm / 48,4 inches
  • Depth: 64cm / 25,2 inches
  • Capacity 330 l / 87 gallons
  • Overflow: communicating pipes
  • Drain: push-up valve
  • Free standing water inlet only

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