CORCEL Company Portrait

Günter Mühlbacher together with his business partner Roland Notsch established the company  MoldTech Modell & Formenbau GmbH in 2002. The core business of the company is the competence in model and mould making for premium quality carbon component parts.

References like projects for Lamborghini, Bugatti, the Formula 1 Monocoque for Torro Rosso/RedBull, Porsche LeMans, Porsche Carrera GT, Porsche Design, AUDI LeMans, Vertu luxury mobile phones, carbon wings of Felix Baumgartner for crossing of the British Channel in freefall, the Formula 1 helmet for Michael Schuhmacher, design chair by Marc Newson and many others testify to outstanding competence of MoldTech. 

The solid company know-how combined with his passion for design items made of carbon fabrics – the material which shows through high-grade processing technologies the amazing colour depth effect, inspired the company's founder Günter Mühlbacher to use carbon for creating of exclusive design products for bathrooms.

In 2009 Günter Mühlbacher established for this purpose a designer team which worked out first designs to verify the market response to premium bathrooms made from carbon. 

2010 was the founding year of Corcel Design & Innovation GmbH. Günter Mühlbacher and his team launched the first product – a carbon fabrics bathtub  „N°1“ . This was manufactured using the complete company's know-how in carbon processing and meticulous craftsmanship. A luxury bathtub in limited edition which exceeded all expectations and met best response worldwide.

In 2012 the bathtub „Virgo“ was born. Due to its design Virgo easily fits different room concepts that makes it very flexible in terms of interior decoration. To supplement the bathroom range Corcel developed a further timeless luxury product – the washbasin „Zoe“, which fits carbon tubs N°1 and Virgo in the perfect way.

These products will be available in 2013 additionally to limited addition of N° 1. 


„For people who love outstanding things.Exquisite and unique different in shape and material: This is the credo of our designer team. In this way we create exclusive, precious and extraordinary products which turn a bathroom into a magic place.“

Günter Mühlbacher (CEO Corcel)