Material Knowledge and Commitment to Quality

High-end Manufacturer of Design Products

From a material for purely functional applications, to one used for design of luxury bathrooms: This is how carbon has found its way from space travel and motor racing to Corcel.

The bath manufacturer Corcel, based in Mozart’s birth city Salzburg, is distinguished by using high-tech processing methods in conjunction with solid handcraft. CAD/CAM and autoclave technology, interacting with the perfectionist skills of our craftsmen, enable the company to manufacture excellent and exceptional products of the highest quality.

Corcel products gain the effect of amazing colour depth through high-grade processing of the used material. Their surface is finished with scratch-resistant coating which repels water, like a lotus flower. A complex insulation technology provides bathtubs from Corcel their unique heat retention properties. Furthermore, Corcel bathroom products are designed to absorb sound of flowing water. This ensures you pleasant relaxed bathing.

Corcel sets the highest quality standards to manufacturing of own products. Only premium materials, fabrics, rasins, finishes and semi-finished parts are used for production of design bathroom pieces. Each hand-made item leaves the factory in Salzburg only after passing strict control tests, taking with it our passionate commitment to first-class quality.

High-tech Material in Form

Carbon fabrics have been produced for technical applications for about the last 30 years. The basic material of carbon fabrics is pure carbon – the chemical element of which also diamonds consist. Using a special process, carbon is produced into finest fibres with a diameter of 0.003 to 0.005 mm (3-5 thousandth part of mm).

To produce a carbon fabric, between 1.000 and 24.000 single fibres are combined into one bunch, wound on spools and woven on power looms. Extreme tensile strength together with low weight, resistance to chemicals and harsh temperatures - these are the unique properties of carbon fabrics.