„For Zoe we chose absolutely elegant design allowing space and best function. The combination of shape and processed materials results in a dreamlike, modern and elaborate design item.“

Sven Schaarschmidt (Design-Team Corcel)


Modern and mysterious

Zoe is a Corcel‘s new washbasin with uncompromisingly elegant design. It can be used alone or installed in combination with N° 1 or Virgo. Zoe is made of high-grade carbon fabrics and satisfies all requirements to function of a wash place. It was shaped to meet different individual architectural situations. Zoe can be installed as a single washbasin or next to each other for a double wash place solution, and fitted as a surface-mounted or undercounter basin. Zoe is finished with the same high-end coating as bathtubs N° 1 and Virgo.

To match Zoe Corcel offers a double washbasin furniture unit „Integrale“ made of carbon and glass.

Facts - Zoe Carbon

  • Carbon fabrics
  • Length: 60 cm / 23,6 inches
  • Width: 45 cm / 17,7 inches
  • Depth: 6 cm / 2,36 inches
  • No Overflow
  • Hidden Drain
  • Optional: Double washbasin table „Integrale“ from coloured glass/carbon fabrics 92,5 x 20,6 inches

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